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Sun and wind energy

The sun is the largest source of energy on the Earth, and in addition to direct radiation that heats its surface and creates climatic conditions in all its belts, it is also responsible for the constant renewal of wind, sea currents, waves and water currents. Solar energy can be used in various ways: as heat, electrical, mechanical or chemical energy. It is clean, renewable and its use does not disturb the balance of the flow of matter and energy in nature.

The use of solar energy today is in a significant increase in all countries of the world. Solar energy is used in individual households as well as to increase the energy independence of companies in many industrial branches. Systems for the use of solar energy are reliable, efficient and become increasingly affordable.

Serbia is at the beginning when it comes to solar energy use. Our country still relies on fossil fuels, primarily on coal, while the facts are still ignored about how much human health is affected by the products of their combustion. Countries that take care of their own people and look to the future for decades have been building their energy strategies towards the development of green energy, primarily the sun and the wind energy.

It is high time we move forward and start thinking about more cost-efficient energy generation in the long run, it’s time to save money and health. Octagos Solutions wants to make its contribution to this vision and be part of the transformation and new energy trends and that is the reason why it offers its solar system solutions.

There are numerous advantages of solar energy systems:

  • Installing a solar system increases the value of your property
  • Significant savings on electricity bills
  • Good basis for energy independence
  • Availability of energy where there is no power supply network
  • Sun and wind energy - the cleanest and inexhaustible energy

Our solar systems do not only generate energy on your roof or fields, they also make money in your pocket!